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Beharbari Outpost

Beharbari Outpost  is a situational comedy serial revolving around a Officer in Charge -Sagor Phukan Assamese  police officer named Bijuli Baruha and her subordinates,head constable Krishna Kamal Khatoniyar , constable Giranda Deka and supported by a CHAIWALI- Nayona. cid police- mohan & muruli .The show depicts their lives as they try to solve every case which comes to Baharbari Outpost

New cases come to the police station in every episode. An individual or a group come with a complaint or a problem. The problem generally has nothing to do with police. It may be a case of love, divorce, snoring, or bad cooking. The Assamese  police officer and her constables solve the case successfully though the case has nothing to do with their official duties as police officers.

The Characters

The Character of OC-Sagor Phukan is played by Saurav Hazarika. He is very soft hearted person .He has interested in literacy and culture . Saourav  wilis l be portraying a character with “adarshon aur usoolon wala inspectorgiri” (policing that has ideals and principles). Though he bluffs a lot, he is innocent at heart.

The Character of SI- Bijuli Baruha is played by Barsha Rani Bisyohya is a sub inspector in Baharbari Outpost .  Her character is like Tom boy type. She is very strict and straight forward. Her  character is  blend of vulnerability, docility and the toughness of  OC-Sagor Phukan

CONSTABLE-Krishna Kamal Khatoniyar ( Siddhartha Sarma) He is GOD fear person also he is very talkative in nature. He  is an old-fashioned policeman. He has a strong devotion to duty and takes his job seriously, sometimes showing a lack of contemporary social awareness that amuses OC-Sagor Phukan and annoys Bijuli Baruha.

 CHAIWALI- Nayona is played by  Triveni Baruha- She is Chaiwali at Behorbari outpost also she is informer. She is not at all typical chaiwali types  she carry herself in a different way like always she wear short and sexy dress

CID POLICE mohan is playd by deep jyoti keot.

He was a thief,become CID-police of beharbari outpost with a immatured thinkings


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    i want to download the title track of ki nam di matim plz send the song

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